• Hygge NYC

    low-key gatherings for the socially curious


    Hygge ("hue-guh"): a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being


  • What are Hygge Gatherings?

    Hygge is modeled after renaissance-style salon gatherings.


    Each gathering is an open invitation to the creatives, changemakers, technologists, nomads, entrepreneurs, and other kindhearted, delightful, and curious people you think we should all meet.


    We'll share meals, talk passions and projects, and meet those who can help. To make conversations with strangers easier and more fruitful, keep an eye out for our hand-written 'questions to spark authenticity' sprinkled on sticky notes.


    The force behind this event is passion, not business.

    We're here to make friends, not contacts.

    We believe everyone can teach us something.

    We are gathering to help one another do the most possible

    good with our projects, adventures, and connections.

    This is not a startup or networking meetup.

    It's an informal get-together of people seeking meaningful conversation and purpose-filled action in their lives.


    We hope to help you find it here.


    PS - We have a Facebook group

  • Event Details

    *Next event will be posted in March 2024.*



    Hyggehiking NYC — Cozy Chinatown Crawl

    Saturday, February 24, 2024



    Please chip in $0-$100 based on how blessed you are by the gods of capitalism. 

    Venmo: @stevenmdean

    Paypal: @stevedean

    Cashapp: $stevenmdean


    Watch my recap video from our hike! 

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    "Hyggehiking" is my own special blend where we engage in conversational conviviality while trekking through green spaces throughout our city.


    I host Hygge gatherings so we can come together to make new friends, discuss fun projects we're eager to work on, dive into deep, thoughtful discussions, and meet people who can help make NYC feel like a smaller, closer-knit community. We bring our friends, family, coworkers, anyone we think would enjoy spending the day alongside a variety of curious souls.


    On Saturday February 24th, in the spirit of the Chinese lunar new year festivities, we're taking a cozy crawl through Chinatown and Lower East Side in Manhattan. It's still cold outside, and after the last few months of holiday travel, it'll be nice to focus a Hygge gathering upon warmth, conversation, tea, and yummy goodness. Our haunts will include food halls, tea lounges, community gardens, and an optional underground library bar.


    Here's my Google Maps list of the specific places we'll traverse: https://maps.app.goo.gl/DkZGG9L5fxUxpB1D6 

    We may not make it to every location on the list, but I encourage you to dig deeper into any of them and catch back up with the group whenever you please. FYI this is a 12-hour stroll, and you are free to join us at *any* point in the day


    🙌 All RSVP'd "yes" and "maybe" attendees will receive a link at 10am to my realtime location for the entire day, along with my phone number, so you can see exactly where we are on google maps and call me directly if you need help 🤗



    🗺️ ITINERARY 🗺️


    10am-11am — Starting Point: Book Club, Kolkata Chai Co East Village

    ✨ Grab coffee, or chai next door, grab a book, and enjoy some quiet reading until our starting group assembles.


    11am-12:30pm — Tompkins Square Park, First Street Green Cultural Park, Public Hotel

    ✨We'll wander through an iconic park for live music, then an art park, then dip into the Lower East Side's not-so-secret casual hangout/coworking location on the 2nd floor of Public Hotel.


    12:30pm-2pm — Shu Jiao Fu Zhou, Essex Market

    ✨ Dumplings! Fried or boiled, delicious either way. Then, a whole mess of food options at Essex Market, including great coffee and hangout spots in the lower level. This is my top 3 favorite spots for meeting friends in Manhattan.


    2pm-3pm — Artbean Coffee Roasters, Columbus Park, Thomas Paine Park, City Hall Park

    ✨ After lunch, we'll check out the pandan lattes at Artbean and weave through a few of the iconic parks in Chinatown and alongside the NY County Supreme Court and City Hall.


    3pm-7pm — The Chai Spot

    ✨ This is the real deal, my favorite spot in all of NYC. It's as cozy and conversation-oriented as it gets, so we'll be planting here to really dig deep in discussion. I'll have plenty of questions at the ready that we can explore and savor.


    7pm-9pm — [Option 1] Caveat NYC

    ✨ For anyone who is itching for an improv musical, my favorite nightlife venue in NYC, Caveat, is hosting "Your Love, Our Musical" from 7-9pm (Doors at 6:30). This is a ticketed event, which frequently sells out, so I'm not going to walk us over there, but anyone interested is welcome to simply grab tickets ahead of time (https://caveat.nyc/events/your-love-our-musical-2-24-2024) and head over whenever they please. The rest of us will continue chatting at the Chai Spot until we're hungry for dinner.


    7pm-9pm — [Option 2] Black Cat LES

    ✨There's a $5-to-perform open mic comedy show happening nearby at a cozy cafe/lounge. Comedy there ranges from cringe to good, but maybe any aspiring comedians in our crew can turn the tide? Grab a performance slot here: https://thecomedybureau.com/show/comedians-on-the-loose-black-cat-les-in-nyc-54-2-2/2024-02-24/


    7pm-9pm — [Option 3] Mott Street Eatery

    ✨Rounding out our Chinatown dumpling crawl will be a stint in the Mott Street Eatery, with 8+ different vendors, fun drinks (teas, boba, etc.), and ample seating. 9pm onward — free wandering, weather permitting, through Manhattan; option to check out movies playing at Metrograph Theater (https://metrograph.com/nyc/)


    9pm onward —

    ✨Free wandering, weather permitting, through Manhattan; option to check out movies playing at Metrograph Theater (https://metrograph.com/nyc/) 


    Our Likely Route

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  • Meet Your Host, Steve Dean

    photo of steve dean wearing a purple tshirt, looking into the camera


    I'm an NYC-based community builder, dating industry consultant, relationship coach, entrepreneur, and diehard superconnector. Creating deep, authentic connections across communities is what I do. It’s what I live for. I host salons, dinners, meetups, webinars, and coworking sessions across multiple cities in order to bring people together from all over the world to share their stories and build new friendships, startups, and movements.


    📱My Work

    For over 12 years, I've been a consultant to the entire dating industry, helping founders build and launch new apps, and coaching individuals through the complex world of dating and relationships. You can hire me to consult, coach, speak, or lead a workshop anytime through my website, Dateworking.


    🎧My Podcast

    I've been using my Dateworking podcast as a glorious excuse to talk to all my favorite experts and founders who focus on the art and science of human connection, sexuality, dating, relationships, and personal development! Listen here!


    🚀My Projects

    I've recently begun collaborating with other dating experts to produce dating & relationship insights, fun statistics, events, founder interviews, and live shows! My personal mission is to develop a new lexicon and better norms for modern dating and relationships.


    Explore to my library/newsletter of dating & relationship insights.

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    Hire me to advise your dating business or personal dating life.

    Connect with me on Instagram, Medium, Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn.


    If particularly curious, venture to https://stevedean.blog 

  • 💸 Tip your Host 💸

    Please chip in $0-$100 based on how blessed you are by the gods of capitalism.


    venmo: @stevenmdean

    Paypal: @stevedean

    Cashapp: $stevenmdean

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  • Not sure what to expect?

    Explore my recap videos from past Hyggehiking gatherings below.

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